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Welcome to Boomerang Passion!

Boomerang Passion is a huge site where you can discover the boomerang, read instructions about throwing, making (more than 140 plans are available) and decorating. You'll find boomerang news (competitions, records), a directory of 130 sites about boomerang, many free downloads, a newsletter, a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)...

English pages

The main part is in french but there is also an english part with more than 140 plans with full descriptions and some ideas of decoration for your booms. Try the Boomerang Plans search engine!

Two boomerang galleries have been added to the English part of Boomerang Passion. Check them out!

Kendall Davis has sent 3 boomerang plans which are available in Boomerang Passion: make a search with the collection 'Master Designs'. 3 New Boomerang Plans!

If you have some problems while throwing your boomerang, you may find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions about boomerangs: throwing, tunings and shapes problems.

Check out the first ideas of decoration for your boomerang, and don't hesitate to give your idea!

Consult the archives of the Boomerang Passion's Newsletter.

the Boomerang Web Ring

Do you know the Boomerang Web Ring?
A web ring is a continuous chain of web pages on the particular topic. Each site in the ring has a section of code which links visitors to the next page, previous page, or even a random page. There is also a link to the web ring's main page.
This ring is designed for anyone who has a web page about making, throwing, collecting or displaying boomerangs.
For more informations, please consult the Boomerang Web Ring page.

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