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DesignerFrancois Clouet
ImageClick here to see the high resolution plan!
DescriptionFor Aussie Round.
Range: 40 m. Or 50 to 60m leaded with 2 coins of 10 centimes (France…very little coins). Convert to your currency ;-)
Throw it like a two-bladed (sligtly inclined) at 60-90° regarding to the wind. It is very tolerant.
Begin without leads, then with 2 french coins of 5 centimes (smallest coins) and if your arm is strong enough, or if you throw in a storm, use 2 french coins of 10 centimes.
If you don't have any french coins, sorry, but your boom won't work...
Use your own currency, but the webmaster declines any responsibility in the results.
Thickness (mm)3.0
Range (m)60
Weight (g) 



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