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en français ! n°20 (2002-03-09)
in english ! #19 (2002-02-04)
en français ! n°19 (2002-02-04)
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Boomerang Passion : le portail du boomerang
Newsletter n°18
2001, december 15th


Here is the last Newsletter of the year, it's time for me to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2002.
Here are the last updates of the website Boomerang Passion:


  • This is not the best season to throw boomerangs... Have a look at the plans for making the boomerangs you will throw next spring...
  • The boomerangs plans search engine is now available in english.
  • Thanks to Nicolas (thank you so much Nicolas!), the descriptions of the 128 plans are also available in english!
  • 4 new plans of the FBA (France Boomerang Association) Newsletter de FBA (#73).


  • Very sad news: on 5 December 2001 Max Hoeben passed away at the age of 78. Max lived a long time in Australia and with his return to the Netherlands he brought the boomerang sport to Europe. Max was the founder of ABO-Holland in 1975 and in a short time he had contact with a lot of boomerang enthusiastics in Europe. In imitation of Max's "ABO-Holand" other clubs in Europe (like Germany, Swiss, France etc.) where founded and Max helped them a lot with his experience.
  • The results of the Boomerang Championships of Dijon (France) are presented with 11 new photographics.
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If you have any piece of information you'd like to give or a boomerang plan, please send me an e-mail!

Many Happy Returns :-)

Olivier Duffez

webmaster of "Boomerang Passion: the boomerang portal"
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