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Decorate Your Boomerang

 List of ideas of decoration: 

The indelible pen
The natural stencil
Pictures on boomerang
The stamped boomerang

 Pictures on boomerang 

 Jean-Marie GACHON 

The photographic emulsion spread on boomerang. That is sold in opaque jar from 200 to 360 mL, to open only in inactinic light (red / yellow lab). The jar is worth about 21 € and you spread out the emulsion with a paintbrush like a tanning cream. Put then the emulsified boomerang under the enlarger as for a photographic and treat it in baths of developer and fix.

The emulsion transfer: dive your polaroid in water (40°C) with a little acetic acid (or a teaspoonful of vinegar). Let the whole a few hours whithout touching it. The emulsion will have been removed from the paper. Be very very careful: it is fragile because the emulsified image is only a few micrometers thick. Slip the boomerang in the water where the emulsion soaks and position the image. The final result is wonderful, shiny with pretty ploats and especially the transparencies which are only covered by the nervures of the wood. As usual, varnish the whole with polyurethane in order to tan and guarantee a long life.
You may find more details by subscribing to \"P\" magazine, a free quarterly magazine from Polaroid (in France: Polaroid, BP 47, 78391 Bois d'Arcy Cedex). Web :
5 techniques of emulsion spread are detailed int the issue #10 of \"P\" magazine

Pasting images stemming from ultra thin paper magazines: cut and paste on the boomerang sticking the images out of the intrados. Put a treble coat of polyurethane varnish thus the thickness of the pasting should be quite imperceptible. This type of decoration is very funny and makes the boomerang easy to sell.

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